Baubles to you two!

21 Nov

So yesterday was my first Wool workshop in Bath. My two lovely ladies, C and H, were both absolutely BURSTING to learn. C was an absolute beginner. H knew how to knit, but had forgotten how to purl and was keen to discover some new techniques.

We spent the morning covering the basics of knitting, purling, casting on and casting off. They worked really hard and were absolutely in the swing of things by lunchtime. I always love that moment when things click and people realise they can actually do it!

After a wee breather, during which I worked on my latest design for The Knitter, which is inspired by Hokusai’s famous painting The Great Wave off Kanagawa , we reconvened for an afternoon working on a single project.

My plan had been to do the knitted necklace I talked about on Friday, but it was clear that would take too long, so instead we followed the same principles to make a larger knitted bauble each for our Christmas trees. This meant they got to have a go at stripes too!

Mine is magenta and pink because we’d already used these colours and I didn’t want to crack another ball of yarn for the sake of it. C and H made theirs in far more seasonal red and white, and red and green respectively, and they both looked absolutely fab. I gave C and H the patterns for the necklace and the bauble to take home and some recommended reading and info about Ravelry, so hopefully they are good to go now!

By the end of the day I’d also learnt a lot about keeping chickens (C) and Jane Austen (H) and also met the cutest miniature dachshund puppy (named Weeny, of course) that has probably ever lived. 10 weeks old and already making mincemeat of three grown women!

I’ll be running workshops themed around improving, and also finishing techniques at Wool in the New Year. Whoop!


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