7 Dec

It was minus six degrees C in Bristol last night. That is damn cold. Happily, us knitters are usually at an advantage, spending most of the year making that lovely wooly stuff.

Today I’m sporting three hand knitted warmers, all of which I  made before I got into this designing lark and ran out of time to make myself anything (get your violins out).

First up is my lovely teal alpaca Rose Red (aka the Blue Rose of Bristol). This was the second time I’d made this pattern by the very talented Ysolda Teague, and I made a couple of changes, reducing the depth of the last cable and adding an i-cord bind-off for stretchiness (I have a giant head) and comfort. The yarn came from iKnit London and is Artesano 100% Alpaca, which is a DK weight. I used almost two balls to make it.

My next winter warmer is my Noro Kureyon Sock version of the very popular Knitty pattern Citron. I wear it back to front as a kind of neckerchief and it keeps all the draughts out. Of which there were a lot this morning. This is a great pattern, but I warn you, the 550 stitch bind off will take you HOURS. Worth it in the end though.


Last, but absolutely not least, are a pair of ribbed socks in Trekking XXL yarn which are my absolute favourite of all the pairs I’ve made and were the first where I didn’t follow a pattern (I used 5×1 rib). They don’t match and now have a hole in but I care not. With a combo of these socks over 110 denier Tabio opaque tights (no, they’re not cheap, but they last forever and never ladder) my feet are toasty!

My friend Jen (the brilliant technical editor of The Knitter) has a rule that she never wears more than five knitted items at once, to avoid looking, well, a bit mad. So I’m OK, I think.


2 Responses to “Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…”

  1. Shani Phethean-Hubble December 7, 2010 at 3:47 pm #

    I feel warmer already… the last two weeks are the first time Toby and I have reached for the heavyweight jumpers… cozy…

    love the colours…
    hugs Shani

  2. Jen A-C December 8, 2010 at 8:37 am #

    Oooh, I’ve just laughed out loud at that. 🙂 It’s true though… more than 5 items and people start to avoid you!

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