My real Ravelry queue

17 Jan

Before I start I just want to apologise for going AWOL. I had swine flu. It was not pretty. I’ll spare you the details, but seriously, if you can get the jab, do. That is all.

The perfect yellow for Tour de France socks

OK, so being laid up not being able to knit gave me some time to think about what to knit this year.

I don’t know what your Ravelry queue is like. Mine currently stands at 267 items.

It looks more ambitious than it actually is, as I use my queue as a design reference as well. Ideas I like go there for future inspiration.

But what does my real queue for this year look like? The one that formed in my head between bouts of Lemsip and Strepsils…

Well, the second half of 2010 saw me knit absolutely nothing personal. It was all work. Great for the portfolio. But staying up til 2am knitting a laceweight tunic is not exactly fun (and no one’s fault but my own. Heck, I could have designed it in DK at least!)

So my 2011 resolution is to have a bit more knitting fun. Of course, I’ve got a lot of design and teaching work on (yay!) but I need to give myself time to enjoy the process too.

Without further ado, here’s my 2011 plan. If it looks like not much, that’s to give me time to do the work knitting as well. Let’s see how I get on, eh?!

  1. JAN. Carnival lights cape.  (An adaption of Asami Kawa’s Northern Lights cape) This is what I knitted when I didn’t have enough brain power to think about designing over the holidays. It just needs the ends and steek sewing in, and blocking. I won’t have time for more than that anyway this month due to looming deadlines for The Knitter and Cloth.
  2. FEB. Stranded mittens – I have soooo much Jamieson and Smith 2ply yarn – I think it’s my favourite yarn ever. And, although my big plan is to design a fairisle top, there are some spectacular stranded patterns around for mittens. I love the Chrysanthemum ones in the latest issue of Knitty, but Spillyjane does amazing ones too, so it may have to be her Cupcake ones. Or both!
  3. MARCH/APRIL. Fyne tank top – this is a gorgeous fairisle project from Rowan 42. I recently did a swap and now have some Felted Tweed in my stash, along with balls of Brown Sheep Nature Spun Sport I bought at least two years ago to make stripey knee socks with. Of course, now I know better than to make knee socks in (probably a bit scratchy) handwash pure wool. So my Fyne tank will be brighter than the Rowan one. But if you know me, that won’t come as a surprise. I’ll knit it in the round and steek the arm and neck holes. But you knew that too.
  4. LATE APRIL. Shifting Sands dress. This is my own design, which really just needs some sleeves and binding off. No excuses!
  5. MAY/ JUNE. A proper shawl. I haven’t chosen which one yet. I’ve got a ridiculous amount of laceweight knocking around. I’ll probably use some Knitwitches cashmere – I’ve got teal or burnt sienna to pick from – both around 800m. Decisions, decisions.
  6. JULY/ AUGUST. Tour de France socks. This amazing pattern by Star Athena has been in my queue since the great race itself last summer. I found the perfect yellow Skein Queen sock yarn at Knit Nation, and wound it up ready to go, but it’s still not out of the start gate. It’s got some pretty mega cable and twisted stitch charts so I’m not sure it’ll be a train project, but if I make one pair of socks this year it’ll be these ones.
  7. SEPTEMBER. Every Way Wrap. Another stash buster. I’ve got four skeins of teal Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride knocking around which I’ve had far too long – perfect for this I think and probably can squeak the yardage. Plus I’ve got two years’ worth of Interweave Knits which I’ve not made anything from yet. Need to rectify that.
  8. OCTOBER. WIPS month. Time to finish the Robin Hood cardigan I’ve been making for my friend’s son for more than a year, which will now have to go to his little brother! I also have two half pairs of socks and a half pair of mittens which need their partners. We’ll see how that goes (aka if I can be bothered).
  9. NOVEMBER. Rosamund’s Cardigan. I bought a full pack on sale of Sublime Organic Merino in Laundry from Get Knitted in the autumn, my last major purchase of the year. It’s perfect for this lovely cosy design. I’ll make this for when it gets cold again.
  10. DECEMBER. Should I do any Christmas knitting? I didn’t do any really in 2010 and I was glad of it. But that was because I had a huge amount of design work on. I’m not going to make this decision now. If I get time, I’ll make the Totoro version of Kate Davies’ Paper Dolls sweater. If not, and I haven’t squeezed in it already, I’ll make Brella’s Totoro Mittens.

Design wise, there is so much I want to do, and my stash is overflowing with inspiring yarns. More on that later. In the mean time, what I really want to know is – what are you knitting?


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