Small. Perfectly formed.

13 Mar

Having recently written about being a minimalist, I fell off the wagon a little on Saturday on an outing to Frome with my friend Jen…
However, while I did come away with fabric, yarn and vintage buttons (swoon), everything was bought with a purpose in mind, rather than ‘just because it was pretty’. Being a bit more pragmatic about buying makes it a lot easier to stop before you run out of money!

So here’s the mini haul…

From Marmalade Yarns: Rowan Felted Tweed in Melody – for the Fyne tank top I’m planning to make this year. I need to decide on one more colour for this from my stash, but I don’t need to buy anything else.

Also, Artesano Alpaca DK in Chile – for Ysolda Teague’s Snapdragon Tam – two balls will be exactly enough for the medium size.

From Millie Moon: Blue gingham – for a cross stitched summer skirt for my daughter. Using gingham for counted cross stitch is explained in Alicia Paulson’s beautiful book The Embroidery Companion and I’m looking forward to trying it out.

Mossy green buttons – for my (yet to be made) green alpaca Kate Davies Manu cardigan. I bought the yarn at Wonderwool last April (pre-minimalism!) on sale  so the whole garment will cost me £19.

Black Swarovski-style buttons – for two high-waisted pencil skirts (Burda Style Jenny) I’ll make with the Michael Miller 50s fabric , also from Millie Moon, in the background, and from some cherry print fabric I picked up on ebay recently.

I’m looking forward to making all these things, and getting lots of use out of them. I already have all the bits I need apart from a couple of zips so I just need to decide which to do first!

Thanks to JenAC for giving me such a great tour of Frome – Catherine Hill is an absolute gem of a shopping street. If you’re on ‘the hill’, also check out Deadly Is The Female – a shop for the Joan Holloway in all of us!


2 Responses to “Small. Perfectly formed.”

  1. Jen March 13, 2011 at 8:12 pm #

    So glad that you had a good time – it was a brilliant morning. I keep discovering more and more gems in the Odhams pattern book that I picked up. I just need to sew up some of that fabric I bought (the fabric was a total “just because it’s pretty” thing!).
    Take care! Jen x

    • Rosee Woodland March 14, 2011 at 9:33 am #

      Haha. Yep, ‘because it’s pretty’ has been my downfall on many occasions! Thanks for having me 😀

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