Bitchin’ stitchin’

6 Apr

I’m not necessarily a fan of the phrase ‘stitch ‘n’ bitch‘, but its association with knitting and crafts did somehow help to make all these things ‘trendy’, and I can’t complain about that.

Debbie Stoller isn’t directly responsible for amazing fabric and fabulous yarn being so readily available, but she certainly helped.

So when someone at work recently said to me: ‘Wow, you really are a stitching bitch’ after they spotted the quilt in progress tucked under my desk I tried to take it as a compliment.

Thanks to a recent flare up of RSI (oh so perfectly timed for my new job) my left arm is suffering a bit, so I’m on a self imposed knitting ban, probably for a good (bad) month.


Even using the sewing machine niggles after a while, so I’ve stopped machine piecing my new quilt and am trying out cross stitch instead. My left hand just has to hold the hoop while the right does all the work.

I’ve cross stitched a little bit on gingham, but this is the project I’ve wanted to make since I received Alicia Paulson‘s beautiful book Embroidery Companion for Christmas so it’s been exciting to finally have a go after all these months of anticipation.

It’s done on 28 thread evenweave or linen and in just one colour – perfect for a novice like myself. Since this picture was taken I’ve finished more than half of the design and I’m totally in love with it.

Rebecca, the very capable tech ed on our sister mag Cross Stitcher kindly helped me get started with the absolute basics, and now I’m flying.

I just love the traditional cross stitch samplers, and even more, I love being able to carrying on crafting in the face of RSI adversity!


2 Responses to “Bitchin’ stitchin’”

  1. Sara April 7, 2011 at 10:37 am #

    As usual no craft is beyond your talents!

    I have a cross stitch I made before H was born, and did start, opps didn’t finish a lovely Winneh the Pooh blanket in cross stitch.

    Hope the RSI goes soon, can’t imagine not knitting everyday!


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    […] a phrase? Anyway, it seems suitable. After starting this counted cross stitch sampler way back in April last year (!) it lay, like many of my projects, almost finished bar a couple of evenings work for ooo, eight […]

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