Mollie Makes crochet apple cover – hello gorgeous!

23 May

You may have heard by now about this lovely newcomer…


To say Mollie Makes has been highly anticipated in the craft community is probably an understatement. As I write, the first issue has sold out pretty much everywhere, and the Mollie Makes Facebook page is filled with chatter about where those precious remaining copies are.

I subscribed and managed to get the first issue – hurrah! At first glance I did think it was a little light on projects, but the more I read, the more gems I’ve found. Mollie doesn’t just have standard ‘how tos’. It has clever hints and tips scattered throughout all its content. I’m still discovering hidden treasures, two weeks after it landed on my door mat.

So, drumroll please… One official Mollie Makes crochet apple cover. Inside, one cosy crisp Braeburn. Underneath, one of the many fab vintage crochet granny square blankets I’ve picked up over the years.
So, yummyness all round I reckon. Pip pip!

Disclaimer: You may already know that I work for The Knitter, which is made by the same company. But I’m not writing this because someone told me to, I promise!


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