Lemon cake with vanilla buttercream icing and mini marshmallows. Phew!

1 Jun

My little Storm turns three today. We had a lovely family party on Sunday, the highlight of which was watching her huge grin after managing to blow out all three candles (OK, with a little discreet help…). A close second was seeing my charming family, but this cake almost edged it too.


Here’s how…

  • Sieve 500g (2 cups) plain flour with 2tsp baking powder and a pinch of salt
  • Melt 250g (1 pack) butter, and mix in 250g muscavado sugar
  • Zest and juice two big lemons and stir into the flour along with everything else.
  • Add a couple of beaten eggs and a splash of whole milk.
  • Divide the mixture  in half and bake in two cake tins in a gas mark 5 oven for about 20-25mins.

Meanwhile beat 125g butter into 300g icing sugar, a couple of tablespoons of caster sugar and 2tsp of vanilla essence.

When the cake is done you’ll be able to put a skewer in and it’ll come out clean.

Don’t wait for it to cool. If you ice it straight away the icing will sink into the sponge and make it doubly yummy. Ice between the two layers and all over the top. Over the top is a key word here!

Decorate with whatever you fancy. Storm likes mini marshmallows, and I’m not going to argue with that!

I made some banana cupcakes too, because, you know, you can never have enough cake.

Happy birthday honey.


One Response to “Lemon cake with vanilla buttercream icing and mini marshmallows. Phew!”

  1. Morag Duller June 1, 2011 at 2:09 pm #

    Happy Birthday Storm, hope she has a lovely day!

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