Busy busy bees

3 Jun

The garden is alive at the moment. Our lilac bush veritably buzzes with bumble and honey bees all day long, while the spider cocoons nestled under the kitchen window have finally burst, showering the garden with strands of glinting silk.


The 15 yard walk to the washing line is already a cobwebby obstacle course and within a month there will be a good two dozen beefy speckled spiders resident in the tomatoes, lilac, poppies, strawberries, jasmine and wherever else they can set up shop.

Even with my slightly menacing eight-legged neighbours taking up residence again, I feel so lucky to have this beautiful garden. I spent four hours digging in all the plants the day before Storm was born – my own outdoor version of ‘nesting’ I guess. Three years on it is nothing short of glorious. Summer is here at last!


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