Ric rac flowers – aka procrastination project…

16 Jun

Ooooo, I’ve got lots of design work on at the moment. So what am I doing? Making ric rac flowers of course…

The fab sewing blog Craftiness is not optional had another corker this week – ric rac flowers!


I bought some jumbo ric rac a while ago – I love how you can feel like you’ve really treated yourself in a good haberdashery while only spending a few pounds on buttons, ribbon and trim.

Anyway, the flowers only take a metre or so of ric rac. Simply sew the ric rac in waves around the edge of a small felt circle – I drew around the bottom of a drink can for my template.


The yellow flower took me a good while as I was really fussy with the sewing, but the blue one took less than an hour as I’d got the hang of it by then – the trick is just to sew a few stitches at the top of each ‘wave’ (or ‘ric’, if you prefer the technical term, ahem).

The original tutorial had buttons in the centre of the flowers and I was going to do this too, but ended up liking how they looked without them. They remind me a little of Chanel camelias – without the Chanel price tag of course.

Mine are going to be sewn onto dresses for Storm, but they’d also make great brooches and hair grips. I like the idea of sewing them to the top of curtains in a row as well.

Meanwhile, my design To Do list grows ever longer. Better get on with it I suppose!


2 Responses to “Ric rac flowers – aka procrastination project…”

  1. Jo Garbutt June 16, 2011 at 1:24 pm #

    Love these. You know I may actually have to try and make something with all this craftiness going on. I also really really love your patchwork underneath.

  2. Jo Garbutt June 16, 2011 at 1:26 pm #

    ps Can I have a hair clip for my birthday?

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