Teapot plant pots – quick project

19 Jun

I bought Al a blue and white Chinese tea set from The Tea House on Neal Street in London about five years ago. We still use the lovely cups, but the teapot was never the right size, and then he broke the lid and the bamboo handle got mangled.

I’m all for binning things which aren’t useful any more, but this tea pot is just too sweet, and it does have a little sentimental value. Then I saw a Pinterest link for succulents in tea cups, did a miniscule bit of lateral thinking and this is the end result.


This succulent was chosen by Storm when I took her to Bristol’s rather marvellous Riverside Garden Centre (cafe, play stuff for kids, amazing plants and very helpful staff) about a year ago. It never thrived outside so it’s got a new, mini home now.


If you want to make one, put a good layer of gravel in the bottom of the tea pot before adding anything else.
This will give excess water somewhere to drain to for a while before it’s reabsorbed into the soil, and then into the leaves of the plant.

If you’ve got spare tea cups you love, you could use them too. Or make some tea cup pincushions, of course!


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