Oooooo, space nails!

21 Jun

Have you seen the Photopic Sky Survey? It’s a 5,000 megapixel picture of the entire night sky!  Amazing, right?


Inspired by that, last night I set out to get me some space nails. Oh yes. I wish I could claim they were my idea, but I first saw them on my friend Helen’s Birdface blog. Her post had a link to a great video tutorial from NailsbyAsami which makes the whole thing pretty simple.

Picture 3

My top tip for painting nails is, do your right hand first (or left if you’re left-handed). It’s easier to work with your weaker hand when it’s not got wet polish on it.

If you want your own mini galaxies, you’ll need black polish, two colours of holographic or metallic polish, glitter polish, top coat and a few teeny glitter stars. And a steady hand!



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