A few of my favourite things…pt 1

28 Jun

I’ve seen a couple of pretty spectacular yarn stashes recently. And when I say spectacular, I mean that you could fill a room with them!

Being surrounded by new yarn all day long at work as well is pretty great too. But I’m not sure I want to end up with a room’s worth of yarn. Despite my best intentions, I can only knit so fast.

This has all made me think about my goal of minimalism and the few material things I really do care about. Possessions which don’t have much monetary value, but mean something to me. Like…


(1) A china marmalade jar from James Keiler & Sons. I swiped this from my parents house when I went to uni. It used to have a painting on it around the edge, which I think one of my brothers did, but I scraped off in one of those late teen moments of complete insensitivity (rather like the time I cut my brother’s face out of a Polaroid so that I could put it in a necklace – sorry mum!). It’s been home to make-up brushes, pens, pencils, and now looks after my jam thermometer, paint brushes, fabric scissors and corkscrew. It’s like a barometer of my life!

(2) Small Buddha statue. My dad gave this to me when I was five or six and he’d just been on retreat. Buddhism is one of those things that comes in and out of my life. Sometimes I’m a ‘good’ Buddhist. Sometimes I’m not a Buddhist at all. But it’s tied in pretty closely with the whole minimalism thing. For me, Buddhism is a philosophy and definitely not a religion, but this little symbol helps to remind me of what’s important in life sometimes and why I really, really don’t need another pair of shoes.


(3) Kokeshi dolls. Al and I were given the twins at the back when we were married, the blue boy was my gift to Al on our wedding day, and I found the girl with the black hair in a charity shop. Al gave me another kokeshi doll for Valentine’s this year, with a secret message compartment. Cute! I’ve since started a kokeshi quilt and have a kokeshi lunch bag too. I’m not exactly a collector, but I’ve got a definite soft spot for them. Kokeshi dolls look peaceful and happy – a good state to aim for, donch’ think?

I’ll do another little post on this soon, but I’d love to know, what are a few of your favourite things?

2 Responses to “A few of my favourite things…pt 1”


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