Brooklyn Tweed: Give me Shelter!

29 Jun

Yes, yes, I know, obvious line. But when I read about Jared Flood’s new(ish) venture – a yarn line called Shelter I was beyond excited.

Jared Flood is one of my favourite designers. I really admire his photography and I’m a big fan of his Brooklyn Tweed blog, so within 24 hours of reading about it, I’d ordered my yarn and it was on it’s way!

I try very hard not to be a compulsive shopper, but I really wanted to support his new venture (Jared was also one of the many tutors left out of pocket after the Knit Camp debacle last year) and I like what this yarn represents too.

Shelter is an all American yarn, woolen spun in an old mill in Harrisville. Every step of the process has been thought through very carefully, and it shows.

I’d have loved to sample every colour, but it still felt like a treat to order two skeins of the natural Fossil colourway.

It arrived about a week after Shelter first went on sale, last October, and I can’t believe I still haven’t done anything with it. Posting about it today has reminded me that it’s got to be bumped up my ‘must knit’ list. Because by golly it’s delicious! Woolen spun yarn, as Shelter so perfectly demonstrates, has air spun into it, which makes it light and fluffy and crisp – a joy to knit with no doubt.

I’m considering combining it with some light brown BFL from the Rowan Purelife Pure Breeds collection and a grey DK from Toft Alpaca in some kind of fairisle project.

Decisions, decisions!


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