A few of my favourite things… pt 2

3 Jul

I’m finding being a minimalist a bit challenging at the moment, thanks to being surrounded by oodles of lovely yarn all day long in my fantabulosa job at The Knitter.

It’s amazing how strong the urge to hoard is. It’s all just part of the human survival instinct, but it’s not very helpful when you already have plenty of what you need or want.

Still, despite my (mostly) minimalist outlook, there are a few things I’d find it hard to get rid of. Like…

(1) Rose hair comb. I wore this on my wedding day. I made it myself by sewing the flowers to ribbon and winding the ribbon around the teeth of a big hair comb. I’ll probably never wear it again, but it’s in a fairly prominent place, so I see it every day. I made a lot of our wedding stuff, but this was my favourite.



(2) Nursery pictures. My parents gave me the teddy bear’s picnic pic when I was a little girl. My mum’s parents gave her the donkey painting when she was about 3, and now it’s in Storm’s room. The little girl in the picture looks just like Storm. That rocks my world.


(3) Tiny picture of nana. This blog is dedicated to my nana. She taught me how to knit, and was still making charity blankets into her 80s. We’ve all got one relative who we have a special connection with. She was mine. She hated having her picture taken, but somehow, someone got a good one here. This was also the picture on the order of service at her funeral. She had a wicker coffin that was covered with flowers and we sang Jerusalem as loud as we could. I still miss her a lot.


(4) Storm’s first drawing. Storm and I paint a lot, but her first drawing was done sat on the lap of my mother-in-law, who was big-hearted enough to give it to me. Of course, I framed it. Every now and then someone asks me who it’s by, which always makes me smile.

I’ll have one more blog in this little series next week. But apart from this I’ve got photos, and, like most mums, a little collection of baby treasures. What are your favourite things?

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