Toothpaste tee shirt necklace tutorial

14 Jul

I’ve wanted to make a tee shirt necklace for ages, but I just couldn’t find the right tee shirt. I wanted something patterned, but most tee shirts are printed lightly, rather than having intergral colour. So the pattern doesn’t show on the back, which ends up being the ‘right side’ when you cut and stretch jersey, because the edges roll.
Then, yesterday, I stumbled across this new M&S nautical job in our local charity shop for £2.95. Now that’s my kind of price.

So I…

Cut the bottom hem off and made that into a wristband and…

Cut the rest of the top up into loops.

Got into a bit of a tangle here…


Untangled that.

Stretched each loop as much as possible and lined them up in order of size, leaving one spare, which I cut at one end to form a single length of fabric.


Held the two ends of the loops together and tied the spare length around them in them in a figure 8. (slightly dodgy pic – wasn’t really concentrating!)


Chopped the cap sleeves of the top, and some of the green binding, and used these to cover over the join.

Hey presto!


It sort of looks like a tube of toothpaste, gone mad. But I quite like that.


One Response to “Toothpaste tee shirt necklace tutorial”

  1. stitchknit July 14, 2011 at 5:35 pm #

    I love this. I’ve been toying with “making” some T shirt yarn to make something with…… Your post has been just the push I need. Off to the thrift store to take a serious look at T shirts!

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