A few of my favourite things…pt 3

18 Jul


(1) A murano glass vase from Venice. I always wanted to go to Venice, and somehow I managed it before the age of 30. This vase was from a reject shelf in a glass factory on Murano. It was all I could afford at the time, and the millefiori adorning it are all mis-shapen and wonkaloid, but it’s still very beautiful. As was Venice. What an amazing place.


(2) Shells from the beach. When I was a kid I was obsessed with four things; making stuff, dressing up, shells, and dinosaurs. The last two have fallen by the way side now I’m an ‘adult’ but I’ve still got a few of te shells I collected. I picked up this fan shell on a Norfolk beach when I went to visit my mum’s dad when I was about six. I only met him a few times. He was a pretty interesting guy – kind of a mad inventor. He once built a house boat by bolting a caravan to a bunch of wooden pallets, and sailed it around the Norfolk Broads. But we can talk about that another day.


(3) My husband’s cousin gave me this little cross stitch when we got married. She was only about 10 at the time so it must have felt like a lot of work to her. It’s the first item I ever had with my married name on it and it was such a sweet thing for her to do. We also had a wedding list at Bristol Guild and were given some really lovely gifts for our home, but this is pretty much my favourite.

So, I think that’s all for my series of favourite things. Parts One and Two are here if you’d like to see them.

Funny how just a few possessions (11 by my count) end up being the things that really matter. Sure, there are others that I care about. But even with the baby trinkets and photos the sum total would  fit in a suitcase. And I like that.


One Response to “A few of my favourite things…pt 3”

  1. Jan Marriott July 18, 2011 at 2:10 pm #

    darling post, has given me something to think about

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