Knit Nation swag. Guilt-free. Oh yes

27 Jul

Ah, Knit Nation. Was it only ten days ago?

Setting aside the usual parade of birthdays, weddings, and babies it really has been my most anticipated event of 2011.

As you may have seen from my earlier post about Cookie A and Cocoknits’ awesome classes, I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Here’s my swatch from Cookie A‘s class. This is getting added to The Knitter’s Refuge Comfort Blankets (after some serious blocking!).


I also did a little shopping.

And I mean little. Here it is…


That’s three cones of Habu yarn (Japanese, hard to find, exotic), and a Cocoknits pattern from Julie Weisenberger. The Habu is made up of two skeins of single ply, slubby silk, and a skein of linen paper. Yes, paper. And the pattern, well I’ve never seen anything like it before. I just HAD to know how Julie had done it!

I did also buy four skeins of natural yarn from the wonderful John and Juliet Arbon, to go into the stash I’ve gathered for my dyeing class at Get Knitted in September. But that wasn’t for me, so it doesn’t count. Honest.

It was refreshing to go to an event stuffed with all my favourite goodies and still restrict myself  to just a few treasured items.

At last year’s Knit Nation I spent four times as much. All budgeted for, but nonetheless, I definitely felt like I’d over-indulged. This year I’ve enjoyed challenging my own perception if how much I really need/ want something.

At Wonderwool in April I did buy a fair amount of natural yarn for said dyeing workshop, but only one skein of Easyknits Twinkle Sock for myself.

Ooo, look, here it is…


Gorgeous, yes? (I am such a sucker for grey). And all the more lovely for not being accompanied by that slightly sick feeling that comes from spending til you drop…

Because all this stuff is well, just stuff.

The best bit of the entire weekend wasn’t knitting related at all. It was seeing my two brothers.

The Boys xxx
Here they are. Even more awesome than yarn. By a long way!


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