Making a tutu in under one hour. Speedy (non) sewing!

1 Aug

When I saw this sparkly pink net on sale in John Lewis, well, I couldn’t really walk away. The fabric was £4.50 for just over a metre (the end of the roll, so I got a little extra for free). The elastic for the waistband was £2.75, but I only used half of it.

It’s made a great little present for my daughter.

Here’s how:

(1) Wrap the elastic around your child’s waist and measure how much you need for it to fit comfortably, plus 1cm. This tutu style adds thickness to the waistband, making it smaller, so bear that in mind.

(2) Sew the ends of the elastic together, overlapping about 1cm. I oversewed all the way around the overlapped pieces, and then made a crossed stitch over them as well. If you haven’t got time to do this, just safety pin it together.

(3) Take your fabric and fold it in half lengthways, and half again. This will make it easier to then cut it into strips about 50cm long and 4cm to 5cm wide. Don’t worry about making all the strips exactly the same. It will look better if some are thicker than others.

(4) Take a strip and fold it in half.

(5) Place the loop facing downwards across the inside of the elastic.

(6) Pull the cut ends through the loop, and tighten against your thumb, evening up the loop as you do.

(7) Yank the final bit of the fabric through the loop, without bending the elastic.

(8) That’s it! Now repeat it for all your strips.

(9) Lay out your tutu in a circle and check the length of all the strips. Trim them so they’re approximately the same length, but don’t be too exact – again, it’ll look better slightly uneven.

That’s it! One sparkly tutu, in less than an hour for less than a tenner!

To give due credit, this is not an original idea of mine. Someone selling tutus just like this at a craft fair told me how to do it. Which is pretty darn generous, donch’a think? Wish I could remember her name, especially as Storm will be eternally grateful for her ‘ballerina fairy skirt’ Awwww.


2 Responses to “Making a tutu in under one hour. Speedy (non) sewing!”

  1. tinyowlknits August 1, 2011 at 8:27 pm #

    cute!!!!! ♥

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