Arnos Vale – nature trail scouting

19 Sep

To get a few things sorted about Totterdown’s Woolly Wonderland before our first ‘proper meeting on Wednesday (7.30pm at the Thali peeps! Be there and you’ll get poppadums, chutney and free yarn!) Violetta, Hannah and I all trooped off to Arnos Vale on Friday.

We were greeted by the cemetery’s public engagement officer Felicia who showed us some of the places a knitted trail could go, and also told us about some of the symbolism of the graves and monuments in the cemetery.

I’ve lived near Arnos Vale for 9 and a half out of the last 11 years, and at times I’ve visited the cemetery daily. My daughter would only sleep in the afternoons as a baby if I pushed her in her pram up and down the top path ( but I couldn’t stop for  second or she’d wake up!).

I thought I knew it pretty well.

Turns out I was wrong! It was completely fab to get another (and much more knowledgeable) perspective on the cemetery, find new paths I’d never walked along before, and discover a whole heap more about the history of this amazing place.

The more knitters we get, the more we’ll be able to do here so, even if you can’t make it Wednesday (did I mention it was at 7.30pm at the Thali? I did? Oops) then do get in touch via here, or at or find out more at Totterdown’s Woolly Wonderland.

See you soon I hope!


2 Responses to “Arnos Vale – nature trail scouting”

  1. Rin September 19, 2011 at 11:19 am #

    Really sorry I won’t be able to make Wednesday as I have previous plans, but I will try to get along to the next one!

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