Can’t knit, will bake

9 Oct

Sometimes I need a little break from knitting.

It’s not by choice. I overdid the typing while writing my post-grad journalism thesis 10 years ago which triggered a bout of terrible RSI. I had to have a fortnight off work to recover, and even now I have to be a bit careful.

Last Tuesday I lugged home 6kg of flour as part of the breadmaking kit I gave Al for his birthday (more on that another time) and since then I’ve had an ache in my hands which just won’t go away.

Time for a rest then.

So today, instead of swatching for various designs I’m working on, I baked.

And baked. And baked.

There were mushy bananas which needed using up – into heart-shaped muffins they went, with a couple of tired nectarines, and some white chocolate.

I’ve STILL got apples after our latest scrumping adventure, so it was time for another apple pie. This pic of Storm helping is from the last one we made, but you get the idea. It got a bit messy…





And then there were cookies, made with hazelnut chocolate picked up for some stupid price at Lidl.


Thanks to this and Al’s new adventures in breadmaking, the kitchen is just overflowing with food. I ran out of time to make my Sunday avo chicken stock, so I can’t even put any of it in the freezer (as that’s where the chicken bits get stored before I make stock).

Phew! My hands are still hurting, but at least we have cake!

One Response to “Can’t knit, will bake”

  1. Ruth S October 9, 2011 at 8:35 pm #

    Mouth watering! Storm looks like she was having fun 😉 Rx

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