Perfect last minute project: Heartfelt Rings

18 Dec

Ugh. Being under the weather just before Christmas is not helpful  when it comes to all those Christmas crafting plans.

Lucky for me, Stephanie Dosen, aka tinyowlknits, has given knitters everywhere a lovely early pressie – a free pattern for a lightening fast project, xomplete with video knitalong!

Despite my mildly bedraggled state, I dived straight in with Stephanie’s new design, which uses up scraps of 4ply wool and takes maybe 20 to 30 minutes from start to finish. Perfect timing, right? She is so darn clever.

Anyway, do hop over to her site, where you can download the free Heartfelt Rings pattern, and knit along with Stephanie and see some of her other amazing patterns. Or, if you’re feeling too weak to even click your mouse, the videos are below too. Happy holidays!


heartfelt rings from tinyowlknits on Vimeo.

heartfelt rings part 2 from tinyowlknits on Vimeo.


One Response to “Perfect last minute project: Heartfelt Rings”

  1. Jan Marriott December 18, 2011 at 9:21 pm #

    that is such a great link….how cute are they?

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