How to light your Christmas pudding

20 Dec

Find a candle with a big flame. Advent candles are perfect.

Fill a ladle half full with your booze of choice. Not more than half!

Get your warmed Christmas pud at the table, and hold the base of the ladle just over (not in) the flame. The candle needs to be close to the pudding for this trick.

Let the brandy/ rum/ Tennants Super heat up for a minute or so until it starts steaming.

Now, tip the ladle slightly so that the candle flame catches the alcohol fumes, and pour immediately over your pudding.


Works every time and looks spectacular (make sure the lights are off!).


It should go without saying, this is one for the grown ups. Practise first (use a loaf of bread or a normal cake) if you’ve not done it before.

Once you’ve got the knack, you#’ll want to do it every year! (spot the difference…)


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