First ever sewing – crafting with kids.

31 Dec

“Look Dada, I knitted you a pie with fabric!” Storm’s words of absolute glee this morning after finishing her first ever piece of embroidery.


OK, so she’s a bit muddled on the terminology, but she was completely engrossed in this little project, for which we used some hessian (about £3 a metre from Fabricland – brilliantly retro website) a blunt needle, some pink wool, and an embroidery hoop to keep everything stable.
(When sewing with kids, knot the yarn around the needle, so that it doesn’t slip off – top tip from Amanda Blake Soule’s lovely book The Creative Family, which is a great source of ideas for projects with little ones, but has a slight tendency to make you feel like you are Not Doing Enough, ho hum.)


Anyway, the deep concentration this little bit of work involved was quite something to see, with Storm breathing heavily and singing Winnie The Pooh and Jingle Bells in a whisper to herself as she worked.

Later on today I had a request to do some more ‘sowding with noodles’. Bless.

I have got a ‘proper’ New Year’s Resolution – I’ll tell you about that tomorrow. But I also hope that, now Storm is older, and I have a little more time, I can spend many more mornings like this one, wrestling with needles and thread, and yarn, and hooks, and beads and wire, and fabric and lace, and feathers, to show my little one that the possibilities for creation in this life are endless.

And yes, I am going to frame it.

Thanks for stopping by in 2011. Have a wonderful New Year!


4 Responses to “First ever sewing – crafting with kids.”

  1. Morag Duller December 31, 2011 at 9:04 pm #

    That is beautiful. Well done Storm. And Happy New Year to you all. x


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