Mollie Makes: Crochet wristwarmers

13 Jan

Oooo, I love Mollie Makes magazine.

What I love even more is that I am sort of part of it! Issue 10 of Mollie Makes, which will be landing on subscribers doormats today (hopefully including mine) has a stunning pair of crochet wristwarmers on the cover, which I did the tech editing for.

Tech editing sometimes feels like a bit of a dark art, but essentially, I check over knitting or crochet patterns for any inconsistencies and mistakes, and make sure they’re written clearly, using the correct terminology. Oh, and that if you follow the pattern to the letter, what you end up with looks like the picture that comes with it. Yeah, sexy I know, but pretty important, if you actually want to understand what to do!

These wristwarmers (by the lovely Monika of Hypericumfragile) are quite simply a work of art, and the pattern is way more straight forward than it looks. If you have anything more than the most basic of crochet skills, I urge you to give them a go! The yarn is fine, and the crochet hook you’ll use is small, but they grow pretty quickly, thanks to the open stitch pattern.

So when you see in my side bar (look, over there on the right) ‘As seen in Mollie Makes’, what I mean is that every time you spot a crochet or knitting pattern in there, chances are I’ll probably have had my sticky paws on it at some point.

If you fancy these lovely wristwarmers, but feel your crochet skills aren’t up to scratch yet, you can buy them ready made from Monika’s Hypericumfragile Etsy shop. Mmmm, tempting.

Righto, I’m off to wait by the doormat for my monthly MM fix. Happy weekend!



One Response to “Mollie Makes: Crochet wristwarmers”

  1. AM January 16, 2012 at 1:42 am #

    Those look lovely! I may have to give them a go, thanks for the heads up!

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