Heritage in a box frame…

1 Feb

Thanks so much for all your lovely words about nana’s sewing box. The frame arrived this week and so I have started playing around with what’s going in it.


I got quite a small frame so that everything is quite tightly packed in, much like it was in the Cadbury’s tin where so much of this resided for so long. I’ve been arranging and rearranging all these treasures in the tin lid as the dimensions are so similar.


The crochet cotton was a little tangled, so I rewound the last few metres back onto the cardboard spool more neatly. That felt a bit strange, but nana was pretty tidy so I think she would have wanted everything to look its best.

I didn’t realise until now that some of the silk thread is really fine. Not embroidery thread at all I think, but for stitching up evening gowns perhaps. It’s also taken me this long to notice that some of the colours we love are the same – the teals and soft greens. That feels good.


I do need to work out how to get everything to stay put, having not framed this kind of stuff before, so if this is your forte, I’d be grateful for any tips!


I’ll be back with the finished piece soon…

5 Responses to “Heritage in a box frame…”

  1. Hannah at 10:53 am #

    You’ve inspired me! I have a half finished pair of hand sewn lace and silk knickers belonging to my great aunt. Framing them is probably the solution!

  2. birdface at 11:28 am #

    hurrah! this is going to look so great!
    sorry – i haven’t seen my friend to be able to get a picture of her thingy she has like this…
    could you use fine wire to hold everything in position?
    i have some you can use at home if you think that may help?
    you could secure everything neatly onto a thick backing board to ensure it won’t move around. that way, you wouldn’t have to spoil everything by using glue or anything like that.

    • Rosee Woodland at 1:09 pm #

      Ooo, wire sounds good. Thanks! I have got some jewellery wire so will try that first but will let you know if I need to tap you up 😀

  3. Ruth S at 9:28 pm #

    Love the look of all the old stitchy goodness together 😉
    birdface’s idea of wire makes sense to avoid chemical/ acid damage with glues. Or maybe even nylon wire (like fishing wire) to avoid any rust-spotting or marking of the metal as it tarnishes over time? Can’t wait to see how it turns out anyways…. Rx

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