I finished the hat…

2 Feb

It only took me a few evenings (aran weight + mostly stocking stitch =  speedy gonzales). Friday, Saturday, Sunday and it was done.

I quite like it, but only quite.

It’s not the hat’s fault. It is a lovely hat. But the sad truth is, my head is the head of a giant, so this Almond Comfit just doesn’t look big enough. More of a soldier’s beret than a sauve Parisienne’s topper.

I knit the largest size. OK, I went one needle size down, but I always have to do that ‘cos I’m a loosey goosey when it comes to gauge. If you look at Ysolda‘s and my pictures, my stitches are still looser than hers, even with the smaller needle! Grrr…


Anyway, I currently have five hand knitted winter hats which is verging on greedy, so I was already pondering who might like the scrummy red colour, and it was Helen’s birthday on Monday…

So hello and goodbye hat. I may make you again with thicker yarn on bigger needles. You shall not defeat me!

It is still a clever pattern. Well played Ysolda. Perhaps you could consider adding a freakishly large size for the next one.


2 Responses to “I finished the hat…”

  1. Helen S February 2, 2012 at 1:39 pm #

    Hello hat. I love it, thanks Rosee!!

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