About me

My name is Rosee. Making stuff makes me happy, so I do it a lot.

Nana taught me to knit when I was seven. She made damson jam and Grandma made chutney. Mum taught me to sew, grew tomatoes and baked her own bread for our sandwiches. At school I made jewellery for my friends and spent my lunch hours drawing clothes. The Concise History of Costume by James Laver was my absolute favourite book of all time.

For a long time I worked as a ‘serious’ news journalist.  It was a weird route to here and now, but along the way I rediscovered all those things that made me happy as a child. Turns out they still do.

I prefer outside to inside and too cold to too hot. I love rooibos tea, yarn that still smells like sheep, old blue and white china, cameras, foraging for wild food, growing my own veg and making preserves, wild swimming, kokeshi dolls, salty popcorn, crochet blankets, steam trains, Japanese curry, riding my bike, bright colours, the city docks and my wonderful family. I feel very lucky to be alive.

I live in a teeny house in Bristol with my little daughter and my big husband.

We have recently discovered minimalism. Which means that, although we have lots and lots of fabric, yarn, fibre, needles, hooks, beads, wire, string, paints, crayons, pencils, glue, sequins and paper, we don’t have so much of everything else any more. This is my top tip if you have a crafting passion – work out what you’re really into and get rid of the rest. That way you’ll have room to breathe, and more importantly, to think.

Thanks for stopping by!


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