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Let’s go glamping. Ahem.

15 Aug

There is something about the word ‘glamping’ that grates just a teeny bit.

But actually, I can see why people like it. Glamping is like camping without the rain, without the disposable barbies (although, my, they’re handy!), and with all sorts of swank gear to make it uber-comfy.

One of my brothers is pretty into camping and has some awesome kit, to make it comfortable, without being well, too much like home.

So last weekend we stuffed our tiny car full of pillows and red wine, and left the city behind to visit to the Green Field Camp Site at Abbey Organic Farm near Cirencester.

Compost loos and cold running water were about it. No matter – T had come well prepared…


Sheepskins to roll about on.


A folding titanium Japanese fire pit (!) and a blowtorch to dispense with all that firelighters and newspaper lark.

To cook sausages on…

And, well, just sit and look at for hours


And hours (marshmallows may have been involved)

There were also rolling fields as far as the eye could see


Balloons to watch


Special chairs to sit in


Lenses to be poked. Again. Sigh…


Organic wool from the farm’s own sheep in the farm shop. (Squeeeee!)


In fact, several other trips to the farm shop (which was amazing)


And annoying sisters/wives/mothers taking pix at every opportunity. Oops


Thanks for a lovely weekend everyone, especially you Tom!

Cost – £4 per adult, and £1 per child, per night. Handy sibling fully equipped with the latest kit – priceless.