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Normal service will resume shortly: the London riots

8 Aug

Before you label the London looters as ‘mindless thugs’ remember that they didn’t get the chances you did, or had the parents you had, or probably ever felt safe walking down their own street.
Imagine what it’s like to grow up bombarded by a mainstream culture obsessed with wealth, where the only rich people you know are criminals. Are you so sure you’d be strong enough to rise above that, living in a borough where there is only 1 job for every 54 people applying for it?

I met kids like this when I worked in newspapers. The world they live in brutalises them before they even make it to their local under-funded, under-subscribed, failing school.
The London looters are freaking scary, and shouldn’t go unpunished, but they don’t just pop up as fully formed ‘mindless thugs’.

They are grown that way.