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Popsicle Shawls in Mollie Makes

28 Sep


A little over a year ago a pretty little craft mag was launched. Mollie Makes has taken the making world by storm, with its heady mix of beautiful projects, inspiring features and one to ones with some of the world’s top crafters.

I was a subscriber from issue one, so I’m absolutely chuffed to say that I’m in the latest issue. Hurrah!


My Popsicle Shawls are a fresh twist on a classic – a mini shawl that thanks to a little clever shaping, won’t fall off your blinking shoulders!


I wanted to create a design that was easy to wear, simple to make, and grew quickly. You can knit up a Popsicle in a couple of evenings, and all the stitches are very straightforward.

The yarn is Blue Sky Alpacas Organic Cotton Worsted (nom), and the pattern uses 6mm needles so blink and you’ll miss it!

The first one I knitted – the lime shawl, started life as a mini strip of garter stitch. I was trying (again) to teach my daughter to knit, and this is what we ended up with after a little while.


But she quickly lost interest (she’s allowed, she’s four) and I sat and stared at this 2cm strip for a few minutes, thinking, ‘well, I’ve knitted that, I don’t want to undo it, what can I do with it?’

Then I remembered a neat technique to pick up around the 2 short sides of a rectangle, and knit out to create a shawl shape. So I looked up Elizabeth Zimmerman‘s Pi Shawl formula, which I’d been wanting to try, and started from there, developing the shape to fit around the shoulders properly.

The increases are all partnered with dropped stitches to create long eyelets, and add a bit of interest, but unless you’re an absolute beginner, this shouldn’t be beyond you!


Once I’d made the lime shawl, I had another go with blue, and refined the design a bit, to make the lower edge more ruffled. A bit girlier perhaps.


I roped in my stylish friend Helen for the photo shoot (check out the feather necklace) and her hubby Tim helped out with holding reflectors and gave me some tips for getting the best shot (he is a much better photographer than me).


We also had two pint-sized helpers – Storm (mine) and Jet (Helen and Tim’s little girl), plus their new baby. We were quite a sight!

We shot in front of a wall painted by Bristol street artist Inkie, who you might have heard of in connection with Bristol’s famous street art gallery See No Evil.


And if you haven’t encountered See No Evil, look it up – it’s amazing.

Ttfn and happy knitting!


Knitting finishing techniques class at The Makery

24 Jun

Oooo, I’ve got a new class! My first Advanced Knitting and Finishing Techniques session takes place at The Makery in Bath on July 21.

If you’re knitting lovely patterns, but getting frustrated by bumpy sewing up, curly edges, or dodgy buttonholes then this is the one for you.


Buttonholes do not need to be ugly, I promise.

We’ll look at how to get a gorgeous professional finish to knitted garments, and work on creating a handmade, rather than a homemade look. If you know what I mean….


Pins will be involved…

There will be heaps of brilliant tips packed into the 3 hour session, plus a mini troubleshooting workshop at the end too, so you can bring along your problem projects and find out how to make them shine.


Sewing in pesky set-in sleeves – they shall not defeat us!

If we have time, we’ll even have a natter about how to make your projects seamless, and wave goodbye to sewing up forever. Hurrah!

Find out more from the lovely folks at The Makery. See you there I do hope xx

Christmas Knitting

30 Dec


I should be doing about five other things project wise this holiday season, but I found myself drawn back to my me-sized version of the Northern Lights hooded fairisle cape and haven’t been able to put it down. I’ve now got to the point where other tasks are becoming pressing and so I must rest it for a while, but I’ll make it my commuting project once I’m back at work so it should be finished before it warms up too much to wear it!