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Charity shops, the smart way…

21 Apr

Sometimes people say nice things about my clothes. Often the item they’re admiring has been bought from a charity shop.
Charity shops offer sweatshop prices, without the actual sweatshops. Instead of your £3 for a t-shirt funding the continuing exploitation of some poor malnourished kid in the developing world, your £3 can fund any number of good causes, and even help lift that same kid out of poverty. Which is brilliant.

About half of the clothes in my wardrobe (including everything in the shot above) are from charity shops. In the last year I’ve bought two cashmere cardigans, a chocolate cord mini, a Zara flared black skirt, a lambswool handknit, a tailored dress, and some great stuff for my toddler, all from my favourite local charity shop.

But charity shop hunting without any clues can be like looking for a needle in a hay stack.

So how to strike gold? Here are my tips: Continue reading